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Student-led Communities of Faith

Spiritual practices and religious identity part of a Vassar education.

Listed below are the currently active student-led groups, supported and sponsored by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Whether you're a long-time member of a particular tradition or simply exploring your spiritual identity, all students are welcome at services, discussion groups, and other activities of any of these groups.

To get more information or to get involved, please contact:

Rev. Sam Speers
Director, Religious and Spiritual Life

Meeting times and places are subject to change. Contact groups for most current information.

Buddhist Sangha

Buddhist Sangha (from the Sanskrit for community) is for people who practice or are curious about any sect of Buddhist teachings (dharma). In addition to weekly meditation sessions and periodic trips to local Buddhist centers, the group sponsors dharma talks each semester and provides a forum to share questions, experiences, and information related to any sect of Buddhist thought and practice.

Contact Buddhist Sangha

Vassar Catholic Community (VCC)

The Vassar Catholic Community (VCC) works to deepen and enrich the religious life of Roman Catholics at Vassar and anyone who is interested in or has questions about Catholicism. The group is a VSA organization whose activities focus on faith, community life, and social justice, including Mass on Sunday at 5:00 pm in the Chapel and weekly "Catholics and Conversation" meetings.  The VCC also offers all-campus programming such as guest speakers, social events, and retreats.

Contact VCC or Linda Tuttle, Affiliate Advisor

Vassar Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (VXF)

Vassar Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (VXF) is dedicated to helping Christian students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. The group is a VSA organization that sponsors weekly meetings for prayer and fellowship, small group Bible studies, and retreats.

Contact: VXF

Sunday Worship (ECVC)

The Episcopal Church at Vassar College (ECVC) sponsors a weekly Sunday Worship on campus on Sunday afternoons at 4:00 pm in the Chapel tower foyer, and on Tuesdays a “Free for All” Supper at 6:00 pm in the Jade Parlor of Main Building.

Contact: The Rev. Megan Sanders

Vassar Hindu Association

Hindu Heritage is a group for people who share a practice, heritage, or interest in any sect of Hinduism. Transportation to a local Hindu temple is available monthly.

Contact: Vassr Hindu Association

Vassar Muslim Students Union (VMSU)

The Vassar Muslim Students Union (VMSU) is a group for Muslims and those interested in Islam. Prayers are held regularly in the Library Quiet Room and transportation is available to Friday prayers at a local mosque. The group discusses issues of concern in the Muslim community and the community at large. VMSU is a VSA organization sponsoring special meetings and dinners celebrating Muslim holidays, movies, speakers, and other social events for the campus community.

Contact: Vassar Muslim Students Union

Vassar Jewish Union (VJU/Hillel)

The Vassar Jewish Union (VJU/Hillel) strives to serve the diverse needs of the Vassar Jewish Community. The group is a VSA organization that sponsors weekly Friday night services and dinners, programming for all major Jewish holidays, cultural and educational programs that explore Jewish life and Jewish identity, opportunities for social action, and social events.

Contact: Vassar Jewish Union or Elizabeth Aeschlimann, Rachlin Director for Jewish Student Life and Assistant Director, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Unitarian Universalists

Vassar's "UU" group engages spirituality and social issues, working to build a welcoming community in the non-creedal traditions of Unitarian Universalists. The group is a VSA organization that meets weekly for creative worship, discussion, and meditation; the group also collaborates with the local UU congregation.

Contact: Unitarian Universalists


Wholistic is a coalition of students working to make the life of the body and spirit at Vassar as vibrant as the life of the mind. The group is a VSA organization that provides resources, literature, dinners, workshops, and programs to help students live balanced and healthy lives.

Contact: Wholistic